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Creating living soils and Resilient Communities

Who We Are

We are community members in the Westmidlands (UK) who run a small community composting site and Organic gardens. Our aim is to use and promote regenerative practices.

We recognise the disconnection between humans, animals, our food system and the ecosystem we live in.  With people suffering from a wide range of physical and enviro-Mental health problems, a deeper look into human well-being is necessary.


We’re proud to be a part of our community reducing landfill. Capturing carbon is a regenerative activity that benefits everyone , we are proud of that too. With Pesticide free, Fertiliser free, Nutrient dense food hard to come by and plastic free local production virtually non existent its time to encourage the need for real food.

Zero Waste

Research shows we now throw away approx 7.1 million tonnes of household food waste a year in the UK (wrap 2015)

We have an opportunity to turn household waste into nutrient-rich compost that can feed your family with fruit and vegetables.

Often in the popularised zero waste journey, the simple things get forgotten. UK households send 7 million tons of food waste to landfill each year 5 million of which is still edible.

As well as using measures to eat all the food we buy and grow we can turn this waste stream into Living soils that are capable of giving you nutrient-dense fruit and vegetables that have not been contaminated with pesticides and fertilisers.

How can you start your Zero Waste journey?

  • Avoid buying products that are wrapped in plastic wherever possible.
  • Record all your waste products so you can see where you are producing waste and off what type they are.
  • Keep items you would usually throw away. Jars and tubs, Bottles and bags are indispensable when you start making and storing your own foods and consumables.
  • Go above and beyond with your recycling. are able to recycle many things our local authorities cant.
  • And finally use applicable COMPOSTING methods.


There are many different methods of Composting some are suitable for home use some are better for allotments, market gardens and farms. We plan to cover most composting methods and will start with the one that can be utilised by everyone from an apartment dweller to a commercial compost facility.

Bokashi Composting

By using EM-1 in the form of Bokashi bran you can compost 99.9% of your food waste the infographics below can show you how.

How to Bokashi compost – Home Composting

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